Solid Reasons why companies love Convask

Convask is a leading easy-to- use project management platform which is helpful in planning, reporting, tracking projects. This web-based platform is ideal for both experienced and first time project managers to effectively and successfully manage business projects.

  • Faster &
    Real Time Feeds

  • Inbuilt
    Productivity App

  • Manage
    Projects & Teams

  • Flat Rate

Faster & RealtimeFeeds

It is a real time collaboration workspace where the teams can discuss, work and manage projects with detailed history of every action taken by the employees.

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Real time feeds Business management software

Connect and collaborate with the world providing real-time delivery performance

Inbuilt ProductivityApps

It exhibits in-built app-producing software and provides control over everything from look and feel to functionality. This accelerates the core business processes such as sales, customer service, financial management and manufacturing inventory.

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inbuilt productivity project management software app

Integrated customizable tools that work seamlessly

ManageProjects & Teams

A good team is that which communicates with each other to reach the project goals. Convask empowers team to create plans, track personal tasks and organize their works all at one place.

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task management software

Helping managers to successfully coordinate with their team


There is no hidden cost added to Convask you don’t have to pay for the security, backup or helpdesk, a complete subscription plan provides a cost effective solution for any kind of enterprise small or large.

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cost effective social enterprise networking software

Low-cost online collaboration tools for business

Without losing control over any details manage your team more productively.

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Mindblowing Features Organize everything with automation platform made for entrepreneurs

Convask is a project management and real time communication platform that increases efficiency of projects, cuts down the chaos, increases the team productivity and let you meet all the deadlines easily and improves business communication around the world. Provides you with central space where everything can be shared from discussions to decisions to files and documents.

  • Open
    User Invitation

  • Project Based

  • Inbound
    Project News

  • Realtime

  • Realtime

  • Task

  • Customer Relationship

  • Unlimited
    Projects for Free

OurHappy Clients

Solid Reasons why companies love Convask

Work is valued and Convask is something which produces results. When a team is properly managed by it helps to improve the productivity and helps to build up confidence and trust within its team. These specific and uniqueness of individual strength complements with other members strength and make the team a unit.

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  • University of Cambridge
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